Are there any interesting rhythms/patterns for accompanying the melody (because I can play those by ear), such as breaking chords or etc.

For doing piano covers of pop music, I am able to play the melody and chord progressions together with no issue. However, like the better piano covers, simply playing the root/inversion of those chords to accompany the melody is quite boring.

Any tips/videos on doing piano covers for pop music would be great!


A pop melody will have rhythms and patterns going on behind it in its original recording. If you want your piano cover to sound like the original recording, I'd suggest copying the original artist's rhythms and patterns as much as possible. Not only will this sound better than a pattern from a book or video, it will help you improve your playing and transcribing skills as you challenge yourself to make your piano music sound more and more like the original.

  • I had once an Pop Piano book with easy accompaniment patterns for the left hand. There is also a journal called Keyboard sold at kiosks with useful piano licks and patterns. I can't find the first one any more, probably I gave it away, otherwise I could copy it. But it might be a challenge for us pianists to make a collection and post them here. I've found among many others this one here (but this is probably lower than your niveau: dummies.com/art-center/music/piano/… Tutorials on Youtube will be lots of lots. – Albrecht Hügli Feb 8 '19 at 14:51

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