I know about eBows and EMpicks and Wonds but they seem to all be for electric guitars. Are there any string exciters that work on the wound strings of acoustic guitars?

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    Steel string or nylon string acoustic guitars? An eBow should work on a steel string acoustic guitar. Feb 11 '19 at 18:40

This intrigued me, as something that ought to work in theory, but I'd never actually tried.

I blew the dust off my E-Bow, found a battery & compared 3 guitars - fully steel-strung acoustic, brass-wound steel acoustic & an unplugged Strat.
I've only ever tried it before on an electric through an amp - usually with a fair amount of distortion &/or compression.

Without an amp & compression, the 'rise' of the note volume feels a little slower initially, but allowing for that [which is apparent even on the unplugged Strat] I got very similar results for all three.

Success. Yes, an E-Bow works on a steel-strung acoustic, even with brass windings.

I don't have a nylon-strung acoustic for comparison, but of course, at best you'd only get it to work at all on the wound strings & even then if they contained a good amount of steel.

  • Interesting. The consensus on the web is that the E-Bow has problems exciting the low E.
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    Feb 12 '19 at 20:23

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