I am interested to know what is the process (in general) to hold a pipe organ concert in a church.

  • Should I make a request to the church and tell them I would like to make a concert there? Or should I be invited (In that case, how does one become popular enough to be invited)?
  • Can a simple organist make such a request or is it better to let a company or non-profit organization take care of that process and the organist will only play the music?
  • In that case, will the organist talk with a non-profit organization to make a charity concert or something like that?

The idea is that I have no idea how the process works in general... Perhaps it is different from a church to another, but I assume there are some steps that can be followed in general.

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  • This is very like the part of your other question I deleted - your only sensible option is to talk to the churches. They may all have different approaches, depending on the minister, organist, community and or religion celebrated. I did a quick look across 3 local churches - all different. – Doktor Mayhem Feb 12 at 10:59