Is harmonic minor the "standard" minor scale, as it is used the most often (especially when using dominants), or is the natural minor, as it has no accidentals?

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    Your premise is false: there is no "most often used" minor scale version. – Carl Witthoft Feb 20 '19 at 13:02

The 'standard' minor scale is the following intervals above the tonic...

  • supertonic, major second
  • mediant, minor third
  • subdominant, perfect fourth
  • dominant, perfect fifth
  • submediant, variable minor sixth or major sixth
  • subtonic, minor seventh; or leading tone, major seventh

By 'standard' I mean common practice period music. Pop and jazz can take different approaches.

The variable tones will depend largely on the surrounding harmony where the raised sixth and seventh are used with dominant chords.

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