I need to list the required vocal ranges for a number of songs in order to find singers to perform in a show. Is there a way I can easily determine this from the sheet music? Thanks so much in advance :-)


You look at the sheet music and find the lowest note and highest note for each voice in a song. That's the range for that song

  • I believe the question is not asking for the range of notes but for the kind of voice (soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, etc.). Two songs can have an identical range of notes but be suited to different kinds of voices. – phoog Mar 24 '19 at 3:21
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    @phoog The question specifically asks about the vocal range and not the type of voice. – PiedPiper Mar 24 '19 at 13:30

One simply searches the part of the sheet music that one wishes to sing, then determines what the closest written note to the bottom of the paper is, then the highest for the top. Subtract the two to find the required range.

(You should be able to read the notes for this to work, obviously. Be careful of accidentals- C♭ to E♯ is a tritone when you hear it)

Also, if you don't feel confident with working with intervals, you can convert them all into half-steps and then put the difference as the range.

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