this is my first post on this site; I apologize in advance if it is out of scope!

I am reusing a harmonic progression I wrote a few years ago, in a different context than the original. Here there is the new passage:

Sheet music of the mentioned chord progression

The first two bars are around Dm (dorian). There is a modal interchange in the Fm7 chord. The rest is standard. The other two bars are around Gm. The last four chords are preparing the following section in Am.

I doubt that the chord selection is right in this context. There are two points where I think the harmonic rhythm makes some chords to be not suitable here:

  • The Dadd9 at the end of the 2nd bar
  • The Gadd9 at the end of the 3rd bar

I think they can suit within other harmonic rhythm, but not in this context, as they are a kind of passing chords here. In particular:

  • The Dadd9 seems here to be preparing the Gm section, so I think omitting the 7th is not correct.
  • Same stuff with the Gadd9 chord. Not clear its function in this context; I think it should be replaced by any chord with dominant function, preparing the succeeding Gm.

Regarding the Eb9 chord in the middle of the 3rd bar, I think it could be ok, depending on the melody. It seems to be preparing the Dm(add9) chord, as a substitute of the dominant. The 9th could also be b9, but it is not a mistake, provided that the melody suits it.

What do you think? any other suggestions for improvement?

PD: I apologize again if it does not suit the scope of the site; I have not seen any similar question on the question list. However, I read the help center and I think falls within the third item of the topics list.

PD2: Is it any way to include a midi/mp3 link in the question to listen to audio sections like this one?

  • You could post your mp3 on SoundCloud, or some other website, then add a link to that url. – Phil Freihofner Feb 25 '19 at 8:00

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