I was curious about what's the best recording software for a classically trained musician, but one who writes indie rock/pop/folk/hip-hop/EDM? In fact, I'm not professionally trained, but I grew up around some top-notch classically trained musicians, and I know how to read music, and I enjoy scoring my own music in Finale-like applications like MuseScore or Notion. I'm still learning, but I can definitely sense myself steadily improving, and I am currently at a place in my life where I can pursue music as a profession, and I want to do some DIY projects to record my music (as well as work with experienced professional recording engineers). So if I want to continue to grow in terms of standard music notation composition/transcription, but also make "modern" sounding music with drums and synths (often not recorded, but just input directly from the [computer] keyboard), how can I "kill two birds with one stone"? I mean, I would be happy to focus on Garage Band, Fruity Loops, Audacity, Logic, etc. (though I prefer open-source/cheap software, and I prefer Linux, but not a deal-breaker if there's not Linux version), but I would like to choose a software package that is well-integrated with standard music notation. I don't know if any of these packages that the average "producer" uses would satisfy my standard music notation requirement, but if you know of any, I would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance!

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    Software Recs seems to broad for this question. This SE seems perfect, and I imagine if this question wasn't "put on hold" or "closed", I would get an answer. The policy quoted above says "because they are primarily opinion based", but I find that to be inapplicable in this case. It's like if in some video game SE, or some physics SE, someone asks, "What's the best game to learn physics?" There are many games where, objectively, you will learn ~0 physics, and others where you can learn a great deal (e.g., kerbal space program). Perhaps I should raise this issue in "meta". – mannyglover Feb 26 at 18:50
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    @mannyglover I too would like to see this site a little more open to some types of equipment recommendation questions. We allow questions where a user wants to know "what to look for" for a usage they have in mind, but when they actually have done their research and know what they are looking for but the actual process of finding it is a challenge, we won't help, which seems odd to me (not everything is actually all that easy to google for!). As you say, meta's probably the place to discuss further - or you may find some existing meta questions relating to 'equipment' or 'recommendations'. – topo Reinstate Monica Feb 26 at 20:02
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    e.g. music.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2767/… is probably relevant. – topo Reinstate Monica Feb 26 at 20:05
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    Dom, what I expected to happen on Software Recs SE happened: nobody answered my question, commented, etc. I did receive one downvote though :-) Whereas here I've received three upvotes and two helpful, sympathetic comments (by @topomorto). I'm a software developer. Software Recs contains what I would guess: many many questions related to "IT" and/or CS and/or SW development; i.e., very few ?'s geared to or answered by musicians, relative to this music SE. – mannyglover Feb 26 at 20:29