I have a loop that I want to come in on the "4 and" part of the previous bar, and then continue looping. I've got it so that it takes up an 8 beat segment, so that it will continually loop and sound fluid.

While using the pencil tool on the arrangement window, you can hover over the top-right side of a segment and drag to loop that segment over and over. I'd expect there to be a similar icon so that you could loop to the left, but none exists.

Is there any way to make this happen without copying the "4 and" part of it and pasting it into a new track with the same instrument which only plays those two beats for the whole song?

  • Either way you don’t have to put the pickup on it’s own track, just put it right before the looped segment on the same track. – Todd Wilcox Feb 27 at 5:56

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