I have successfully connected my piano keyboard to Linuxsampler, loaded a high-quality GIG sampled instrument and outputted to my laptop internal speakers. I've followed the official documentation, namely the first LSCP script here.

I can happily hear what I play on the piano keyboard on my laptop internal speakers, with the loaded instrument voice, but how do I record my playing as a WAV or another RAW format? arecord on the same output device does not work. E.g. this:

$ arecord -q -D hw:1,0 -t wav -f s16_le -c2 -r44100 test.wav

records nothing or, if I bump up the internal mic capture volume, records a lot of noise - hw:1,0 is the correct device (my laptop internal sound card). Is there any way to record linuxsampler with ALSA cleanly? Or alternatively to save linuxsampler output to a file?

  • I have tried to send linuxsampler's output to ALSA audio loopback device and record that, but worse: I get nothing. – Antonio Bonifati 'Farmboy' Feb 28 at 23:52
  • 2
    I found out it works with JACK using jackrec or jack_capture. – Antonio Bonifati 'Farmboy' Mar 1 at 0:22
  • Are you also running pulseaudio? – PiedPiper Mar 1 at 11:36
  • No, I avoid that. I run jack if needed, else nothing. – Antonio Bonifati 'Farmboy' Mar 2 at 15:15

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