On the recent Christmas I was singing "What Child is This" in b-minor, and it was registered quite low. During that time I was able to naturally hit the low notes. However, about a week ago, I started to have the "drippy throat" feeling whenever I hit those notes. Now whenever I am singing the song in the same key, I must sing an octave higher, which requires some of the notes to be sung through falsetto. I am extremely angry now due to my vocal ranged has been diminished, and could someone give me any suggestions? I am 15 in U.S. (/International) age.

Also, I am a male (regardless of my profile pic and display name) , and back in the period my normal voice ranged from F2 to F#4, and my falsetto ranged from G4 to G5. However, after the loss of low notes, my voice ranges from Ab2 to G5 (normal + falsetto) . Sometimes I use my highest notes of my normal voice and my falsetto to make a "female-like" effect, but I am still furious since my very low pitches have been vanished! In fact, I am even angrier than the day when I've realized my crash cymbal had turned all green!

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    No need to be angry. Are you sure that your voting break is finished? Next christmas you can “oh, isis and osiris”again:youtu.be/iBt5XkMrYzA – Albrecht Hügli Mar 2 at 19:25
  • I mean, currently, sometimes I can sing F2, F#2, and G2 naturally and easily, and other times it is kind of hard, as it feels like if the notes are between my vocal fry and my normal voice. – Maika Sakuranomiya Mar 8 at 3:02
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    Are you taking singing lessons and do you practice exercises of voice formation? – Albrecht Hügli Mar 8 at 5:57
  • @AlbrechtHügli // Yes, I do. – Maika Sakuranomiya Mar 27 at 6:52
  • Then they will teach you that there are specific trainings for your throat and neck to avoid and overcome such problems? – Albrecht Hügli Mar 27 at 6:54

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