i have think about a Software Programm that Teach you with a complete Programm from the beginning to the End of Guitar Learning.

But i have found nothing of that. Have anyone an Idea? I wonder thats not give that. I think this are Great Idea. Techer is good no Question but if you have a Programm that can tech you from Start with Lessions that more intens. I think that would be Helpfully for Home Learning and so. What do you think?

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    maybe an idea for some, but working on what is essentially an art form in isolation, without a real person to bounce off, it will cover the technical points but leave an awful lot of musicality out. That apart, this isn't a discussion site, and asking for such programs is out of bounds here. – Tim Mar 2 '19 at 13:37
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    I suppose reaching the End of Guitar Learning would require a lifetime subscription :) – Jarek.D Mar 2 '19 at 13:48
  • I agree with Tim and Jarek. You can have a look for guitar pro. guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=download&software= – Albrecht Hügli Mar 2 '19 at 14:15

I don't know where the "end of learning" is for the guitar. I know I haven't reached it yet, and I've been a professional guitarist for 43 years.

I think there's a problem with the basic premise, too...

Making music requires some intellectual understanding, but it's primarily a motor skill. The intellectual parts (notes on the fretboard, chord construction, etc.) can be taught through software, but the motor skills can't be. You could use a microphone to measure the intensity of sound, but can you use it to assess tone quality? That's a lot harder. You could probably measure whether a user's forte was louder than their mezzo forte, but can you accurately assess their ponticello vs dulce? Can you then use that assessment to tell the student to alter their angle of attack on the string? Can you tell with software if they are properly positioned to attack the next note?

Producing sound (on any instrument) requires physical action. If you're getting the right sounds through less than perfect technique, software will give you perfect scores, allowing you to advance to the next level - while all the while you're making that imperfect technique a habit. Ingrained habits are hard to break, and at some point they're going to limit your ability to advance.

I suppose if the software was connected to a user's camera you could judge things like finger position. But guitars come in a limited number of sizes, and guitarists don't; you have the added challenge of assessing factors that are limited by physique, and judging how well the student adapts. Ideally, software would suggest changes to a student's technique, because that's what a teacher does.

I don't see software replacing skilled teachers at any point in the future.

  • I'm not so sure that there's a 'perfect technique' which suits everybody anyway, but the point is well made. Teachers (good 'uns) are never replaceable. (I hope...). – Tim Mar 2 '19 at 17:12

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