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Hye guys, I'm 19 and I want to learn music theory to start improvising solos and composing songs like king krule, cosmo pyke and yellow days, but I don't know if I'm already late to start. I already know how to play guitar and i think i'm decent at least. If you were me, would you choose a teacher or is it possible to learn by myself? Sorry for the bad english, i'm from argentina lol Thanks guys!

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  • We already have a similar question - from someone of the same age, no less! - at Is it too late to learn music theory and composition?. However, you might be disappointed if you think that starting to learn music theory will, in itself, help you start composing songs like your favourite artists - it might give you some ways to help you understand what they are doing, but it probably won't give you a 'recipe book' you can use. – topo Reinstate Monica Mar 3 at 17:58

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