When I open FL studio and play one of the basic, pre-loaded sounds, like: kick, snare, hat or clap, on the master channel all of them are a little bit louder on the right channel. The difference is abbreviating about let's say -20 dbfs in left channel and -19/-18 in the right channel. Why is that? Are they stereo or internally panned a little bit on the right side?

I also did a test recording a kick stereo and mono and then panning it hard on the one side. The track recorded in stereo was a little bit louder, about 1 or 2 dBFS louder. Is this because in stereo recording FL studio doubled the recorded track and then panning it hard on the one side stacked them together making it louder? This could be the explanation for that.

PS right channels seems to be always 1-2dBfs louder after recording. Sources are mono, so why is that?

  • Good question, of course is not limited only to FL, all DAWs shows same behavior, so I think editing the title and tags of your question may helpful and increase your chance to get the answer (I mean make your question more general) – Mehdi Dehghani Apr 7 '19 at 18:11

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