I have the lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and drum parts for this song. I cannot, however, hear what note Dustin starts singing on so I can transcribe it. What is the very first note and/or interval in this song? I'd probably be able to get most of it down if I had the first interval. Here is the song:

Broken Lungs

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    Is this an advertisement for spotyfire or for Dustin or for the song ;) – Albrecht Hügli Mar 8 '19 at 9:17
  • It's not an ad, I want to do a cover of it. Though you should totally listen to Thrice. – Nathan Tibbitts Mar 8 '19 at 14:29

He starts with a minor 3rd (it’s easy to identify as he repeats the first phrase)

If the song is in Bb, it starts with G Bb ...

lado do do do la do do do re ti ... (fa)so so mi mi re

La do do so do do dore ti .... ma re do do ... do do .. do do re do re mi re

the (fa) is not fully understanding it could be a re or mi as it’s almost spoken as the first up- beat you are asking is not absolut clearly. This singer and songwriter style.

Here are the chords in Ab:

(in Ab the first notes would be F Ab Ab ...)


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