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John Petrucci tries to explain how a guy is doing a cover of one of his 7-string songs using a 6-string guitar, but I don't really understand what he is saying. Anybody can help?


He's describing the effect that happens when you play a perfect fourth with a distorted guitar. Distortion intensifies the intermodulation effect between the two strings to produce sum-tones and difference-tones.

$4.5.$5.5  $4.5.$5.5.$6.3    $4.6.$5.6  $4.6.$5.6.$6.4 
$4.7.$5.7  $4.7.$5.7.$6.5

Basically playing the partial power-chord makes it sound like a full power-chord.

  • So, is a partial power chord P4, and a power chord P5? Or is partial using only two strings? (Not seen video). – Tim Mar 10 '19 at 7:42
  • It's a P4 which implies the root beneath, with distortion it actually produces the sub-harmonic. – luser droog Mar 10 '19 at 10:34

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