I have midi keyboard on repair (Evolution MK361-C) that has problems with Pitch Wheel. Pitch Wheel is not sendind accurate high values (7F as max) to computer, it sends maximum value of about 7A-7C.

I don't want to change potentiometer.

My question is: is there any VST plugin that will:

a) Replace values higher than 7A with 7F, so everything above 7A becomes 7F?


b) Narrow pitch wheel range, like, to leave 70% of range with same center?

Thank you for attention.

  • Cubase's Logical Editor or Input Transform could expand the values proportionally which would feel like less of a glitch. No doubt most of the high-end DAWs could do something similar. It's not really the thing a plugin would be built for, as DAWs already can. – Tetsujin Mar 23 '19 at 19:03

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