I changed my acoustic guitars strings but now they won’t even play right notes, when I try to play any of the strings it sound normal But when I go a do kind off like a walk in baseline around the fifth fret leading to the twelfths it sound al out of tune that before. Now I changed my strings but this time it won’t even make a right sound. What do i do. Please help me

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    Please don't post the exact same question twice under 2 different accounts. – Tetsujin Mar 24 at 9:00
  • Please have a read of the posts tagged Intonation - you should find all the info you need. – Doktor Mayhem Mar 24 at 10:16
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    I commented on your other post - and don't know why it wasn't moved across - that far more info is needed to produce a helpful answer. Is the bridge movable? Have you changed strings before? Has the intonation been checked? Have you used different gauge strings? – Tim Mar 24 at 13:41

Take it to a professional guitar tech.

It’s hard to diagnose such strange problems over the internet and there are too many variables. A tech should be able to tell you what’s wrong in about four seconds.


Try checking your neck curve. You may have changed it when you restrung your guitar. Over tension on the strings will pull the headstock up. You can find luthier videos showing how to do this. If that's over your comfort level, bring it to your local guitar shop for a check up.

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