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This is the first bar of F. W. Mecham Op 92 - American Patrol

American patrol first bar

Semiquaver triplet + quaver + quaver rest + quarter rest
1/8                + 1/8    + 1/8            + 1/4             = 2/4 + 1/8  

What's with the meaning of the extra eighth?

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  • There is no extra silence. – Tim Mar 27 at 7:44
  • I also think this question has been answered elsewhere before. But I have another question: are the grace notes always printed with a slure? and does this slur say something for the interpretation? and how can you play this accent on the first eighth note in pppp???? – Albrecht Hügli Mar 27 at 10:03
  • 8th note + 8th rest + quarter rest = 2 beats in 2/4 meter. There aren't any extra values. – Michael Curtis Mar 27 at 13:06
  • The key to seeing this is the smaller note heads on the grace notes. Hard to miss at first glance but once you realize there would be too many notes if they weren't grace notes it should jump out at you. Moving forward you will see it. – b3ko Mar 27 at 16:04

The small triplets are grace notes. They exist outside the normal metre of the measure. The D eighth-notes are on the first beat, or downbeat.

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    I thought they were eighth-notes, but I'm English and call them quavers. – Andrew Leach Mar 27 at 9:21
  • @AndrewLeach Thanks for the catch - I'm from the UK too but most people on this site seem to use the fractional names so I've been following suit. Unsuccessfully in this case! – user48353 Mar 27 at 9:25

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