I'm guessing it's an organ or something or maybe just an electronic altered sound? Sorry, I'm new to music. Just started using FL Studio this week.

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    Hi Simon - I think users have decided that these kind of questions are off-topic here - but they can be asked (at least in the form of "how would I make this sound") on sound.stackexchange.com. – topo morto Apr 2 at 7:04
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    are you asking what instrument this is? The title is worded in a way that suggests you're asking about harmony – Aric Apr 2 at 10:09
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    Or are you asking what the chords are? Your question isn't very clear. – chasly from UK Apr 2 at 13:07
  • sorry about the confusion and wrong section, I was asking about the instrument. You could probably tell how new I am since I wasn't even thinking about the other options much. – Simon Suh Apr 2 at 19:20

YAMAHA SY85 would call it Gold. Demo-Sound nr. 1

compare also with choir and pad sounds here:


  • Unfortunately, answers will only encourage questions such as this. – Tim Apr 2 at 13:18
  • sorry, I'll try not to ask this kind of questions, just going through youtube music theory videos one after the other at the moment. – Simon Suh Apr 2 at 19:15

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