I was reading some violin sheet music when I came across something that looked like a slurred double stop. Here is an image:

Slurred double stop

How would you play this slurred double stop on the violin?

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    Is this a question about violin technique, or a question about phrasing, that is, what the slur is asking you to do? – user48353 Apr 3 at 1:55
  • I second replete. Assuming your badges and score here, I do not quite understand what you find perplexing about legato. I am assuming the notes are difficult to bow? Hard to tell, given we do not know the key signature. – Pyromonk Apr 3 at 3:56
  • @Xilpex, you'd play it as written. Just because you're fingering multiple notes doesn't change what a slur is. – Carl Witthoft Apr 3 at 13:29