I like this progression by Blur that was in Trainspotting and I tried to figure out what the relationship between the chords are and what key they are in:

I tried a reverse chord finder and it said G6, A6, Bminor but I'm not sure and still can't figure out what key they're in. Anyone know?


Disclaimer: I haven't watched the movie or heard the song.

From the notes alone, looks to me like Em, F♯m, and Bm. Those are all diatonic to B minor/D major, and in B minor, that's a vi-v-i progression, supporting my claim, as that's a common progression in minor.

I wouldn't call those 6th chords. I mean, just based on the notes alone. Even if the first chord had a D in it, it might be better as Em7 than D6. But that would be based on how the chord sounds/functions, so maybe they really are 6th chords voiced incompletely. Just having the G in the bass is not enough to guarantee that the chord has that as its root; this is why I tend to avoid reverse chord finders. The human ear is infinitely more precise in its analysis of that kind of problem.

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    or maybe E dorian. – foreyez May 20 '19 at 5:36
  • @foreyez Good point. I'm curious now, does the song sound like it's E Dorian? That would make sense... – user45266 May 20 '19 at 15:06

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