I need a DAW (digital audio workstation) on Linux with:

  - a synth input (midi)
  - create and use samples from disco tunes (mp3) from the 70s
  - (optional) time to time record guitar riffs
  - come with many instruments sounds

All these inputs shall be mixed together to produce some music.

There are many DAWs out there, and they are very confusing to be chosen from, as I don't really know any of them.

I have tried Reason once - this would have been an amazing option, but it does not run on Linux.

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There is Ardour:


But it's not done with Ardour alone, you'll need to have the audio server Jack installed, which handles audio and midi connections

If you are willing to install a new/additional system you could take a look at Ubuntustudio, created for creatives:


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