I'm just wondering if any female singers can answer these related questions.

Why do some female singers breathe out in on the mic and what is this called? Are there any techniques for calming the breathing down for a female pop singer/dancer after a concert? If you have any instructional video of how you do it?

What is it called when a female singer moves the mic away from her mouth in concert to breathe out and in and then move it back? I have seen some singers do it poorly. They breathe out on the mic, move it away and then move it back to breathe in.

  • "why do they breathe out in on the mic and what is this called?" Do you mean exhaling into the mic? Or just singing with a breathy tone? – user45266 Apr 15 at 17:06
  • And re: Arsak, I'm not entirely sure that that "breathe in and out" was what OP meant. It could be, but I want OP to clarify that for us. – user45266 Apr 15 at 17:09

Have you considered phrasing the question where these two contrasting techniques are entirely intentional?

  1. Audibly breathing into the mic
  2. Swinging away from the mic to take a breath, inaudibly.

Tags: Performing, History are recommended and I do hope a female vocalist decides to answer this question after it is modified.

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