Most of the singers that I met that have no training have one issue: they have no singing power and have a weak diaphragm. They might be perfectly in tune but they are not really belting it out.

From my experience getting to that level requires a lot of practice, every single day. But I was always told that some people have just talent and that's why they are such successful singers. Now I started to doubt this theory.

Are there really singers that can be great on a stage without any training? And are there singers that can be great on a stage without much practice? Any famous name?

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    Why does talent equate to no training needed? Doesn't it always mean less training needed? – Randy Zeitman Apr 16 at 0:11
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    What counts as training? Can one self-train? Nobody is going to be a really great singer if they don't work hard at it. – David Bowling Apr 16 at 0:31
  • What genre? I would imagine the vast majority of opera singers are trained, most rock singers are not. – Tetsujin Apr 16 at 6:56
  • So, to be a good singer, it's necessary to belt it out? Who was that little old lady on Britain's Got Talent? – Tim Apr 16 at 7:33

There are many talented singers out there, but no-- nobody is born with rock solid talent, only small, raw talent.

By rock solid talent, I mean the kind of talent that amazes people, and stuff. When we get older, and start singing more often, it sometimes becomes a desire to hone that little talent we were born with. Now, I'm not saying that if somebody isn't good at singing, they can't sing. It just will be a little harder for them.

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    And 'talent' is not easy to define - especially degrees of talent. – Tim Apr 16 at 11:24

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