I have a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535. It feels heavy which is more noticeable when playing chord sequences. So I measured the key down weights using a technique for acoustic pianos. Around middle C the key down weight is about 87 grams. A medium weight acoustic piano has a key down weight of about 50 grams. (Down weight is felt before the key damper lifts) When I contacted Yamaha Support, they replied it was within specification.

Is there a reason why digital piano keyboards should have such a heavy down weight compared with acoustic pianos?

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    No. A lot of the Yamaha pianos I've played have felt on the heavy side. – Tim Apr 16 at 11:27
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    Where did you get the information about the medium key-down-weight (50 grams)? Maybe this is true for upright-pianos and most manufacturers of digital-pianos try to simulate the key-down-weight of grand-pianos? Grand-pianos have a higher key-down-weight which allows you to play more dynamic. – Olli Apr 16 at 12:12
  • Marcus at Roberts Pianos, Oxford has many videos on YouTube looking at pianos they take into stock, refurbish and sell or hire out. The piano tuners association has a forum too. Marcus talks about the regulation and quality of the key mechanism. I think their website has a page dedicated to measuring one's own piano. Five £1 coins and a 20p piece if you don't own a set of weights. The Royal Mint gives average coin weights and tolerance. – Emma Apr 16 at 14:55
  • You are making unwarranted assumptions, as the other comments suggest. If your real question is, perhaps, "Are there any digital pianos with adjustable keyboard downweight" that might be of interest. – Carl Witthoft Apr 16 at 15:13
  • IIRC my Yamaha CLP-400 has adjustable key action. Check TFM for details. – Duston Apr 16 at 19:38

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