Please confirm if it is possible to play D scale tune on A scale Bansuri, i.e convert

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni


Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Re Ga

According to this, it will work for Chinese bamboo flute, Playing Chinese bamboo flute of key "D" as "C"?

For instance, if D scale of O RE PIYA is

GM(T) PD...PM(T)

would get moved up 3 notes on A Bansuri, i.e.

DN(T) SR...SN(T)

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Shifting the scale like this won't really work on a Bansuri, and even more generally for a composition that is raga based. This is because the relative pitches of successive notes are not the same, or in other words Indian classical music does not use an equal tempered scale.

You could try shifting the notes and playing the song, but it will sound slightly out of tune to a trained ear.

(My expertise does not lie in Western classical music, so if I am using the terminology "equal temperament" incorrectly, then I would be happy to be corrected by someone knowledgeable on these matters.)

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    equal tempered scale Wow that is an excellent point. I tried playing straight D, then I tried shifting for A-scale Bansuri .... I guess I didn't notice the difference since I still need lot of practice with speed, and making half note.
    – Marium
    Apr 22, 2019 at 16:04

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