Sometimes I've been going through [Tritone Sub of V] - I cadences. Is there a specific name for this?


For example, Db7 - C?

Since you took the tritone substitute of the V (the dominant), this is still a kind of dominant cadence. Specifically, it's a tritone-substitute dominant cadence.

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    Is 'dominant' cadence another term for 'perfect' or 'authentic' cadence? – Tim Apr 22 at 6:24
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    In the context of C major, "Db7" could also be taken as a chromatic modification of vii7. How is it decided, what chord a chord is a substitution for? For me, the use of that cadence to perform the function of V-I in C has the problem that Db sounds like VI of f minor, so the cadence sounds like an imperfect cadence, VI-V, in f minor. – Rosie F Apr 22 at 6:24
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    @RosieF - Db in key C is bii, isn't it? A tritone substitution is the chord whose 3 and 7 notes are the 7 and 3 of the other chord. Both being dominant 7th chords. – Tim Apr 22 at 6:26
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    @Tim But in the context of the key of C major, the "Cb" of the "Db7" chord is better spelt as B (natural). Hence I spell the chord's notes as B Db F Ab, and I associate it with vii7, which is B D F A. Now if the chord had been Db maj7, that would be different... – Rosie F Apr 22 at 6:58

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