Do you know of any software that runs in the background of the computer and allows me to play tunes with my midi keyboard (keystation 88es)? I have noticed the steps required for me to open a program discourages me from just jamming, so I'm looking for something light that starts on windows startup and just allow me to hear the tones I play.

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  • Unfortunately I don't know the Windows equivalent to SimpleSynth, but I used to just keep GarageBand open in the background loaded up with some keyboard sounds for that very reason. Maybe you could streamline the steps needed to open up your program? – NReilingh Jan 10 '13 at 7:41
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I use a tool called Cantabile Lite ( http://www.cantabilesoftware.com/lite/ ). This tool starts fast and allows you to prepare a project with a certain set of vst's and inputs. I have several desktop links that launches a 'jam' profiles. I have a 'jam lead guitar', 'jam piano', 'jam clean guitar' and 'jam all' profile. All profiles have a drum vst included to just have a beat to jam on.

Basically it is a simple daw but really easy to use. Before cantabile lite I used Steinberg V-Stack which is somewhat similar in the goals it provides.

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