I know to play the piano since quite a few years. I now plan to learn the guitar, on my own. What would be the best way to learn the guitar on your own, without a teacher? Web links or any resources would be helpful.

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    I'd recommend justinguitar.com but that's just a personal preference. – Your Uncle Bob Apr 26 at 4:31

1.ultimate-guitar.com It's a community of guitar enthusiasts,You can find some nice classics,scores,etc in there.

2.guitar course There is some courses for the guitar beginners.Hope it helps you out.

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    I've met a fair few inaccuracies on the first recommendation. And recommendations are not what this site is about, as they are personal opinion. – Tim Apr 26 at 6:50
  • I'd like to know about resources which people have actually used for learning, and has helped them personally. Just clarifying that. – Grace Apr 26 at 7:27

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