I'm asking about some advice on what to read on the subject of world music theory.

By this I mean that I want to understand the fundamental assumptions made in e.g. Western music theory, that makes it different from e.g. Indian or Chinese.

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    Probably way too many parts in an answer for here. – Tim May 1 at 11:15
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    why not? this question could receive some interesting answers. The best way to understand your own culture is to describe it from a standpoint out side itselfs. – Albrecht Hügli May 1 at 12:19
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    @AlbrechtHügli however, we don't generally allow questions asking for specific references or materials. – Carl Witthoft May 1 at 13:18
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    Your best bet is to read books on both Western and Indian (or other culture's) music theory and discover the differences and similarities for yourself. I have not yet found a comparative text on this subject (but there may be one out there). Also, I am not sure there are "assumptions" in any music theory. These disciplines are the result of evolution of cultural tastes over centuries. When analyzed through the lens of logic or science some of the basic features don't make sense. – ggcg May 1 at 13:59

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