Does anyone know why the Yamaha A-07 natural sound amplifier has 180watts written on the back but all the models being sold are quoting the watts as 30watts per channel. what is the wattage value so that I can be sure it is right for my speakers which are quoted as 80 watts each?

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    180W / 220V is the power consumption of the device; 30W / 8Ω is the power of the signal going to each speaker. To know whether the amplifier is compatible with certain speakers, or loud enough for certain applications, use the 30W value. – Your Uncle Bob May 27 at 22:29
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    While this is a question about a hi-fi amp, not the sort musicians would play instruments through, it's worth pointing out that the output power of any amp is a lot less than the input power consumption. – Tim May 28 at 6:43
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