Hey guys I am a beginning musician who is doing “self-taught” ear-training and could really use assistance with the Trombone instrument. I seem to be able to identify every other horn instrument except this one. Any tips or recommendations on songs with trombone solo’s or trombone section that stands out (is easily identifiable)?

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    "A Message to You Rudy" by the Specials has a trombone solo. In their early years they had a trombonist and a trumpet player instead of the more usual 3-piece horn section, so the trombone is easier to identify. And Rico Rodriguez often lays on the trombone's idiosyncrasies quite heavily. youtube.com/watch?v=IbqiCxEIeEo – Your Uncle Bob Jun 4 at 1:45
  • Maybe anything by Trombone Shorty? – Duston Jun 4 at 13:53

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