The given image has a chord written (with the Treble clef above and the Bass clef under). The root of the chord is in the bass voice. May not have the 5th of the chord in this.

Please help me figure this out. Your help is appreciated!

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    Wait why is this off topic? It seems like a legit theory question. I can’t tell what that chord is. Cadd9Aug? – xerotolerant Jun 20 at 23:33
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    I see the reason for this being marked as off topic. But umm. On a real though how would one name this chord? I don’t see this is as identifying a chord from a song but more of a what convention applies here. – xerotolerant Jun 20 at 23:39
  • @xerotolerant exactly my thoughts, yeah it's off topic but also... that's an interesting chord; E G# C D G... damn I'd probably look at it as a kind of altered dominant, E7alt but I guess that it'd be E+7(♯9) aka (Eaug7#9) if you wanted to be technical about it. Cool chord for sure, I'd be curious to see what the context is – Some_Guy Jun 21 at 0:28
  • Cool voicings of E+7♯9 on guitar (0)x0113/(0)5659x, (0)x6533, and x(9)89 10 10 – Some_Guy Jun 21 at 0:37
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    It's all very well, and may be on topic if the question is re-phrased as to how/why this could be named. BUT - what's the key sig...? – Tim Jun 21 at 15:20

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