I used to be a very good pianist (instructor-taught for many years; hours of practice every day. Put me in a room with a piano I just cannot leave it alone) but due to an accident and other circumstances, I need to look for another instrument to play. Keyboards don't really interest me (absolutely nothing against keyboard players but keyboards are a totally different instrument to a piano). Instead, I've been thinking about picking up xylophone or glockenspiel. I just have no idea where to get one, or how to teach myself to play one (or what resources are around to assist myself). I have played glockenspiel previously and I love the sound of a xylophone. I also have the concentration and accuracy required to play one well. I just have no idea where to start...! Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Another option is a Fender Rhodes - which plays like a piano, but with a distictively different sound. Or a vibraphone - like a grown up xylophone, but again with its own distinctive sound. A keyboard doesn't have to be a 'totally different instrument...' I play both, and on gigs, it can be a piano, Rhodes, Hammond, bank of strings, etc. etc. very versatile and useful. And the piano feel is good! Don't know where you are, but a music shop would be a good starting place. Or pop into a music school and have a chat. – Tim Jun 23 '19 at 8:42
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    I second the suggestion to check out the vibraphone. It's a great instrument, with good sustain for building chords, a piano-like pedal, extensive tremolo controls on recent models, and a large catalog of music in many genres, including classical. – Your Uncle Bob Jun 23 '19 at 15:46
  • Thank you Bob and Tim. I'll definitely look into the vibraphone. Tim I have been looking at digital pianos; don't know how they compare to a keyboard though. Will definitely have to go and play in a music shop!! – Suzanne Jun 24 '19 at 10:03

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