I'm trying to play A Cruel Angel's Thesis on the guitar (just the chords for now) and the whole pre-chorus uses lots of 7th chords, and a Ddim7 right before the end. That chord sounds just terrible when I play it.

I know it's dissonant, and I understand how it makes sense harmonically to have tension right before the chorus where that tension is released with perfect triads, and I thought it was ok to have a dissonant chord there.

But I listened to the original song again, and I listened to covers (the end of the pre-chorus is at around 1:04), and I can't here a part with such a strongly dissonant chord. Either they're not playing it (the ultimate-guitar source could be wrong and they could be playing another chord), or they're playing it in a different way, maybe?

How should I approach this chord? (Currently I'm playing it like this and it's painful to the ears)

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    Can't hear a dim chord. Some sus chords. Wouldn't be the first time there's mis-information on ultimate guitar - or a lot of other sites.
    – Tim
    Jun 24, 2019 at 15:56

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Because the chords is wrong. Someone transposed it from Eb to C and forgot to transpose this chord. Here is a better version https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/misc_cartoons/neon_genesis_evangelion_-_a_cruel_angels_thesis_chords_460280 Try a Bdim7 instead.

But as the comments say: it sounds more like a suspended chord to me.


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