I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it seems like a lot of people are using Lilypond here.

Every time I compile a .ly file using lilypond for Windows10 it generates too many files. It outputs a pdf for the whole piece (which is what I need), and a separate pdf for each line of the piece + a .eps file for each one of those pdfs + some additional .count and .tex files.

I have tried compiling both using cmd and double clicking on the .ly file. On command line, I have tried adding --pdf, --loglevel=NONE, --output=FILE, -fpdf, -dno-print-pages and -dprint-pages, but nothing seems to help.


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If the -o option is generating multiple files, you can try the following command to explicitly specify the format of the output file:

lilypond -dbackend=pdf -o outputfile.pdf inputfile.ly

This will generate a single PDF file named outputfile.pdf from the input file inputfile.ly. The -dbackend=pdf option sets the backend format to PDF.

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