I watched a video from Rob Scallon on Purple Plectrums, and in his video they looked and sounded great. However, I purchased one of theirs, a 9mm model and I was very confused. I loved the feel of it, and it sounded great at first, but as I kept playing I noticed there was a very noticeable "plinking" noise whenever I hit notes in quick succession. I tried on two different guitars, I tried playing in different positions between both pickups, and I made sure I was picking at the very thinnest part of the edge that I possibly could, but the issue still persisted. I Googled the issue and found absolutely nothing. So I contacted Purple Plectrum (with an audio clip of what it sounded like) and they said they had never heard of anything like that happening, so they sent me a new, upgraded hand-made one. This one feels even better, but the same exact issue persists. I contacted them again, and they said I might just not understand how to play it/it might not be the right pick for me, and they linked the exact Rob Scallion that made me want it in the first place! It's not like I'm even hitting the strings in very quick succession either, I'm playing at a pretty reasonable speed, probably no faster than Rob plays in the very video, yet I hear nothing like it in his video. So does anyone have any experience with Purple Plectrums and thick picks, or have a similar experience with picks making a noise when you repeatedly hit a string? I spent $30 and I really like the feel of it so I want to be able to use it.

Edit: I should mention the String Gauge is Ernie Ball Regular .010-.046 and the strings are raised about 2.75mm above the 14th fret.


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It would be easier to diagnose with a video of your picking so we can see what your hand is doing, but from listening I have a couple of suggestions you can try.

It sounds like the pick may be noticeably stopping the vibration of the string as you bring it down for the next attack, with the string vibrating against the mass of the bigger pick. Try bringing the pick in at a slightly off angle from the string, making sure you are not picking with the face of the pick in parallel to the string. The Purple is practically a four faced pick, so you may have a little trouble not causing the problem with the other side, but try to get one edge of the pick to hit the string first.

It sounds like you are picking in all down pick motion. I know that's a style with a specific sound, but if the music doesn't call for it you could try using a down up down up picking and see if a softer attack clears it up.

You could also try picking in a more circular motion to the string. Instead of picking down and in to the next string, come up and away from the string and circle over the top to start your next down stroke, keeping your wrist as flexible and relaxed as possible.

A combination of a different angle of attack and a lighter away stroke may help keep the pick from catching the string vibration on your next attack.

  • Thanks, this is a really helpful comment. I'll try your suggestions, and if the issue persists I guess I'll use my webcam to record myself while I play, as I have no friends. Commented Jul 20, 2019 at 18:57

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