I have a Sterling by Music Man JP60, modded with the (older?) JP signature pickups Crunchlab and Liquifire. I mostly play with a Yamaha THR10X, and while it's a fantastic amp in many respects, I'm finding it a little hard to replicate a certain tone that I want.

Essentially, I'm finding the THR brighter and hotter than I want - what I'm looking for is a cooler, flatter, more compressed, liquidy lead tone. For example, here's a sample from the JP60 guitar (although I believe this is with the stock Sterling pickups)

Petrucci often has similar tones too (think Breaking all Illusions solo): I'm not expecting the exact same tone as one would get from more expensive equipment like JP's, obviously, but I'd love to know how to better quantify the characteristics of that tone, and what other types of equipment (if any) could help in achieving that sound.

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