I recently bought the Fractal Instrument AXE FX II and the Mesa Boogie JP2C amp.

Currently I plug my guitar into the AXE FX's front Instrument socket and connect its Output Unbalanced (L) to the Mesa Boogie amp's Return.

I was told that once connected this way, the Mesa Boogie will not be in full use as the pre-amp will be bypassed and basically render the Mesa Boogie pointless as it won't utilise the pre-amp tubes once plugged into the AXE FX. The reason I got the JP2C was because of its killer tone! Mind you, the sounds are amazing as it is.

Is there a way I can still use the pre-amp of the Mesa Boogie for its killer tone and still use the AXE FX for its effects or am I simply now to surrender to the AXE FX and not utilise the potential of Mesa?

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    Guitar into amp input, amp send into effect input, effect output into amp return; that will give you a signal chain of guitar to pre-amp to effect to power amp. – Your Uncle Bob Jul 16 '19 at 16:09

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