I am a beginner at singing and I need some good feedback with my voice please. I am not sure which one is best, I say the 'Yee" 4-5 times with each a different tone (Airy, Throaty, Mix, etc.). But I am not sure which one is close to what is right and improve on that one. Thanks so much!

Here's the short track:


Each style is appropriate in its context of emotion, lyrics, and musical phrasing. Even just within the genre of this accompaniment, you've certainly heard singers cover the range of styles sung here. No general rule can say that one Yee is better than another, out of context.

What to improve on: pitch accuracy. If you're going to swoop up to a pitch when attacking it, or slide to another pitch, or drift away when ending a breath, make it sound deliberate. Again, that requires context, particularly lyrics. Frank Sinatra may be the most famous example of this. Study the master!

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