I am recovering from a sinus issue. Much has improved except for whatever muscle it takes to hum. I do the puppy whining exercises and can't get it to work. Therefore I have no midrange. I've steamed my voice/head, drank fluids 24/7, neti-potted, facial stretches, antibiotics and prednisone shot. My question is what muscle is not working? swollen or otherwise? I can tell if I'm going to sing well if my humming exercises go well and they are NOT! Help! I have a 4 hour gig in two days and I'm frantic. Suggestions? Do I not do exercises or do them? Thanks! Cindi

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    You may want to call in a sub – ggcg Jul 30 '19 at 16:11

The answer is right there in your first sentence... "recovering".
Once you've actually recovered, you'll be fine.

No good trying to rush it & push it, you'll hurt something if you're not careful.

Cancel the gig.

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Your vocal fold tissues are still inflamed from your sinus issues. The main muscles involved in phonation are the vocalis, the crico-thyroid, and the thyro-arytenoid. In a recovering/inflammation situation, the mid-range is the last to come back. Cancel the gig, hire a sub, but don't try to sing a 4-hour gig in two days. That will just make it worse. Allow yourself time to recover. The quickest way is complete vocal rest.

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