I'm currently 17 yrs old (male) and my full-voice vocal range is from Eb2/E2 - G4/G#4. I regularly sing and try to healthily push the limits of my range with a vocal coach. My question is, do you think it's reasonable for me to expect to add two or possibly three semitones to the top end of my voice within the next year? My voice seems to have been settling pretty fast recently, and I would love to have the A's and A#'s that a lot of musical theater lead roles require.

  • Is there a reason you don't ask your vocal coach this question? It would seem like they are a lot better qualified to give a realistic estimate than the Internet oracle.
    – user62297
    Aug 2 '19 at 9:39
  • I'm going to close this - it's something that we cannot tell you over the internet. You can work on it with your coach, but remember, everybody is different.
    – Doktor Mayhem
    Aug 2 '19 at 15:46
  • Alright, I understand. Please know that I have and do continue to talk with my voice teacher about it, I only asked this question to get other people's opinions and see if their is a general pattern to how a male singers voice changes around my age. But I completely understand if that is outside the scope of questions that should be asked here. Aug 2 '19 at 17:40

OK this is a question that no-one here can answer because they do not know you, they have never heard you sing and they do not know how much effort you are putting into getting to the top/bottom of your range at the moment.

Pushing your upper limit further has the potential to be dangerous and/or damaging; you need to take the advice of a professional coach in a face-to-face situation.

You already have a good vocal range - don't ruin your voice by following advice from random users on the net however well intentioned it may be.

  • Thanks for your answer, and for your concern. I will definitely continue to try my best to sing healthily. My vocal coach is very conscientious about that as well. Aug 2 '19 at 17:43

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