I learn music theory self study from Alfred book and I have a problem here As you see in question No 7 and 8 I don’t know what do they mean by Major or chromatic scale

enter image description here

Thanks for you help 🖤🎶


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Any scale is merely a certain group of notes played in ascending/descending order.

The major scale is ubiquitous. Pieces using its notes (but not necessarily in that order!) are everywhere.

Simply put, the white keys on piano, starting and finishing on C, constitute the C major scale.

The spaces between the notes are in a certain pattern. T T S T T T S. As in C>D is a T(Tone), D>E is a T, E>F is a S(Semitone).

The chromatic scale is the one where every single note is played. Again, on piano, start on that C, but this time, play every single key - w,b,w,b,w,w etc. A rather different sounding scale. Alfred is getting you to differentiate between different sounding scales.


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