I'm starting to dabble in synth music but don't know much at the moment. I love this track - "Each Moment Like The First" James Holden and the Animals and I'm intrigued by this high pitched synth that comes in every so often (first at 0:27).

What technique, instrument, effects etc would be involved in producing that sound?

Youtube - Each Moment Like The First

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I hear...

  • a not-particularly-unusual analogue synth with a fast-ish attack - the voice seems to have a fair amount of detuning between voices, chorus, PWM, or some combination (sorry - my analogue synth ear is very rusty)...
  • playing some abrupt, fast arpeggios (played a little like guitar strums) and melodic figures
  • possibly through some delay
  • then through a big reverb

I don't think there's anything very special in the synth voice - the effect comes from the short arpeggios, played in a high register, setting off a 'glittering' wash of reverb.

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