I am a low tenor-flip falsetto and i really want to increase my range i`m 22 years old.

my range is around B2-E5(Although i struggle to sing both B2 and Db5)

While i want a mix i was wondering if i should try to just increase my falsetto range. And sort of try do something similar to the Youtube artist MAX.

But i orginally want to be a rock\metal singer and falsetto isn`t as common as it is in Pop music.

My goal is to get a range i sing in comfortably from C3-F5(But if i get higher then that is fine)

Thx for reading

  • Do you also struggle to sing D5, Eb5, and/or E5? – Dekkadeci Aug 19 '19 at 7:01
  • @Dekkadeci I think any answer should assume that those notes also cause trouble (I bet you knew that, though). If OP's problem is just that one note and no others near it, this question may need serious editing for clarification. – user45266 Aug 22 '19 at 0:03

I am a Soprano (classical Crossover now) and a Master Vocal Coach. The best for you will be to book a lesson with a voice instructor (certified one) to help you with your technique. One of the best methods it's called speech level singing technique: This singing technique utilizes specific exercises focus on training your particular muscles next to your vocal cords. These muscles are “inner muscles of the larynx''. It’s purpose is to develop your larger vocal range and to establish a more consistent tone from your lowest note to your highest.Make sure that you know your range and when you sing notes you feel comfortable. You need to learn proper breath management.

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