I understand that there is no definite answer to this question.

In my opinion the Etudes, particularly Winter Wind, Op.25 No.6 and Op.10 No.1 are the hardest of his compositions. Others include his Ballades (No.4), Preludes (op. 28 no. 24) and his extremely long Sonatas. I have played all of this except his Preludes, so I do not know how actually hard they are, only from hearing them.

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Consider henle difficulty. This is the ranking of difficulty according to editor henle. https://www.henle.de/en/detail/?Title=_9124 So this makes opus 10, 1, opus 25 6, 10, 11. Of course if ones plays at 80 % only of the speed recommended by the author then it is much more easy. The Remaining 20% makes the biggest difficulty. Other editors may suggest different difficulty so there is no absolute answer


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