I'm dusting off my old notation software, and find myself in the dilemma of whether to upgrade my Finale 2012 into the 2019 version, or discard it and go for Dorico; the new hot and cool software.

Finale is an old trusted workhorse, but the 2012-version have a lot of quirks, and probably a lot of spaghetti code has carried over to the newer iterations. There are a lot of things that Dorico presumably does better than Finale e.g. automatic formatting), but also some features are currently lacking (like pitch before duration).

As long as Steinberg keeps placing their money behind Dorico, it will probably keep being developed. However, what are the chances that MakeMusic will step up their game and upgrade the features of Finale to compete on user-friendlyness?

Switching regularly between software is a pain, so any choice made will probably be for the long term. What are the pros and cons of choosing Finale or Dorico?

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    We won’t really have an answer for you here, and you might also consider Musescore. – Todd Wilcox Aug 27 at 14:26
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