I'm planning to buy my first guitar effects pedal for an upcoming gig as I'll be soloing and need variations in tone and volume mid-song.

I hope to buy a second-hand pedal on eBay (or elsewhere, if someone can suggest a better place to look) with a budget of approximately £150.

For a fairly diverse set-list including Mr. Brightside, Don't Look Back in Anger, Rebel Rebel, You Make My Dreams, is there a pedal/combination of pedals/multi-effects pedal that would do a good job of matching the sounds of most of these songs? Ideally looking for quality over quantity!

I realise this is a somewhat subjective question, and that it will be nigh-impossible to perfectly replicate all the songs, but any input would be appreciated!

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By crikey this is broad…
Half of any guitarist's sound is the guitarist, the rest is a combination of guitar, effects [if any] & amp/speaker structure.

How long do you have to learn all this??

If you've 6 months, get a modelling amp/pedal, an old Line 6 will do a lot. An old Zoom will be cheaper, but you'll outgrow it rapidly. I recently threw an old one I'd 'inherited' in the recycle, as it had no resale value. I still have my Pod I got 10 years or more ago, as it still has some merit even today.

If you're really looking to 'get the sound of everyone' in a week, buy a fuzz box for 30 bucks & learn how to tweak it on stage, live. 'Tone' 'gain' & 'fuzz'… that's all you can learn in a week… & that's how they did it in the 70's. Hendrix didn't have a programmable computerised pedal array, he had a fuzz box, a wah-wah pedal & an amp.

  • Press a button, go from being Jimi to being Eric. Oh, that it'd work. Sadly, never... No pedal's going to give anyone technique. – Tim Sep 2 at 17:51
  • 1
    Hendrix, Clapton, Blackmore - Strat through Marshall, done. Maybe a pedal or 2 for a solo, but it would be the same pedal rig for the whole album/gig/tour… that's the trouble with trying to be a covers band now - 60 years of other people's gear to mimic, even if you mapped their playing style. that's one reason I had a Line 6, Pod & Variax. – Tetsujin Sep 2 at 17:56
  • I don't remember all three sounding the same. Strat+Marshall =? – Tim Sep 2 at 20:03
  • Thanks for the input. What's the best fuzz box for your money? – Nik Sep 3 at 18:00
  • We don't do hardware recommendations, sorry. For that you need some kind of forum, where everyone's opinion is equally valid. Stack Exchange doesn't do that type of question. – Tetsujin Sep 3 at 18:02

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