I connected a keyboard with my PC via midi USB cable and want to send midi form my DAW to keyboard, so is plays the sound I have set on this keyboard which will be then sent to my audio interface.

I just want to type midi notes on my computer and record audio from my keyboard with these notes.

I used midi out plugin in FL studio and I got a problem here. The notes from DAW does not seem to leave it, nothing plays. When I choose some preset sound on this midi out plugin, like a piano, it obviously plays there, but what's interesting, the led indicator on my audio interface shows that some signal is passing through. It's like the daw is sending it's signal to my keyboard which in turn sends the signal to audio interface. It's weird.

I'm confused. I can't play my favourite sounds from keyboard this way, but the preset sounds in midi out plugin seems to go through the keyboard and then to audio interface.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could make it work?

I got midi port and channels set up correctly.

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