Piece is traümerei, what does this squished note mean (the conjoined crotchet and semibreve) and how do I play it? squished note image

Also can grace notes be tied? Or is any kind of connecting line on a grace note a slur no matter the pitch of the subsequent note? tied grace note?

Sorry for image quality Thanks to all who can help!

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    Ouch my eyes! please try to take in-focus pictures -- no need to get that close to the page Commented Sep 19, 2019 at 12:47

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In the first instance the "extra" crotchet is there because there are in effect two lines of music going on in the lower staff. One voice is the semibreve low F lasting for the whole bar. The other voice is a crotchet low F followed by the dotted minim C/A chord 1 beat later. It is that crotchet that tells you that the C/A chord is meant to be played on the second beat.

The second one: yes that is a tie. So you play low B flat, then F (and hold it) then the D.

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